How to Expel Fat By Using This Surprising Technique?

The business of dieting plans, expel fat and weight loss represents multi-billon dollar industry. Unfortunately most people still don’t know how the body breaks down, stores and removes fat.

Dieting plans and weight loss usually put the focus on how much the people should eat and what type of food. But according to Australian researchers there is at least one major and important aspect of weight loss. That aspect focuses more specifically to the elimination of fat. All those diet plans aren’t focusing on it.

Surprisingly it has absolutely nothing to do with food. It is tightly connected to how our bodies expel fat. That is in fact the missing piece for millions of people and dieters who are simply struggling to lose the stubborn body fat.

Expel Fat

The Shocking Conclusion of a Recent Study: We Literally Exhale Fat 

Despite the obsession with body fat and constantly getting rid of it, most doctors and health professionals don’t know what actually happens to it when we “lose it,”. The following  recent article from the website Science Alert actually points out.

But researchers from Sydney explain that they have found the key for this “problem”. The very simple act of breathing out or exhaling is important or crucial for eliminating fat from our body. In fact, if we think deeper, exhaling is the mechanism that our body uses for expelling fat in general.  The results, published in 2014 in the British Medical Journal , show that most of the theories may be wrong. Actually, we don’t convert missing mass into energy or heat. What we actually do is breathing it out into the environment.

The researchers found that 10 kg of fat “convert” into 8.4 kg of carbon dioxide, and 1.6 kg of water, which we later excrete through sweat,urine, tears or other bodily functions, explains the Science Alert article .

“The true answer is that most of the mass that we breathe out is carbon dioxide. It goes into thin air,” said the study’s physicist and lead author, Ruben Meerman. He said that after losing 15 kg doctors could not tell him how the weight actually disappeared or where it “went”.

More than 70 dieticians, doctors and personal trainers in one study and survey said that they thought fat was converted into energy or heat. The Sydney team’s said that goes on exhalation. But the physicist Meerman knew that this type of function would violate the Law of Conservation of Mass.

How to Expel Fat Simply Through Breathing Out 

The goal of any person who would like to lose weight is to break down or get rid of triglycerides. Triglycerides are compounds consisting of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen that our body stores inside fat cells.

If we want to break down every 10 kg of the fat, we need to inhale 29 kg of oxygen. We should also burn a total of 94,000 calories. That leads to a reaction that produces 11 kg of water and 28 kg of CO2.

“Our calculations show that the primary excretory organ for fat are our LUNGS,” writes the team in the paper.

Considering the lack of relaxing and exhalation, this research explains why one of the biggest contributors to consistent weight gain is the stress. Additionally, It explains why exercise is so effective to expel fat and for weight. The final suggestion is that performing deep breathing exercises and relaxing can help a lot in the fat “burning” process.


Source: AltHealthWorks

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