It’s Time To do Exercises and Strengthen Your Brain! Read Why!

It’s time to do exercises and strengthen your brain!

One of the best ways to increase physical strength is to do physical exercise. It actually helps our body to increase flexibility and stamina. But the final goal is always to keep ourselves healthy and in good shape.

We should exercise every day. It has only positive effects on our mind and on our entire body.

But mental training is something that few people take into consideration. Training our mind can have effect on strengthening our brain and on our mental capacities in many different ways.


These exercises, among all benefits, can help you to improve your memory.

Keeping your mind busy isn’t always enough. There are specific activities that you can do in free time to keep your brain in shape. They increase our cognitive functions.


Here, we reveal the 8 best activities to “exercise” your brain and strengthen it naturally.

  1. Writing by hand

Writing by hand

We are conscious that we live in an age where the technology is above everything. PC, cell phones, computers, tablets and all the other devices with keyboards help us to write faster and of course, save time.

However, we shouldn’t let go the ability to write by hand. This simple activity that you can practice at work as well stimulates areas of the brain. Those areas help significantly with learning process.

This is due to the reticular activating system in the brain. This system processes what you are doing while you focus on writing.

  1. Every day try to practice simple math problems

Math tasks are definitely one of the best mental exercises. They can improve your memory and increase your mental capacity.

You can resolve math problems on a device or by hand. There are many apps available on cellphones and computers.

  1. Increase your mental capacity with Sudoku

Increase your mental capacity with Sudoku

It’s a classic game called “Sudoku” which is perfect  mental activity. The objective of the game is to fill in a grid using numbers. But the catch is you can’t repeat a number in any direction.

This game is mentally challenging.

Many daily newspapers include one or two “Sudoku”. You can also buy it separate or download an app.

  1. Playing with your toes

A simple movement of the toes maybe sounds funny but can help our mental function. This is because it needs attention and being alert.

You can do this by moving all the toes. Then, only move the big toes.

You need only 3 minutes every morning when you get up. Maybe this is all it takes for you to feel more active and coordinated.

  1. Read a lot

Read a lot

The basic activity that we do from early age is reading. It increases our thought processes.

This kind of training our mind has relaxing effects. It also helps to reduce the stress and tension.

Continually reading has many benefits. Some of these include better memory, more creativity and quicker thought process. Reading makes us more efficient.

  1. Learn another language to strenghten your brain 

Learning foreign language activates the area of the cerebral cortex.

These regions are associated with acoustic processing, word articulation and comprehension.

It increases memory capacity and learning abilities. Being bilingual increases our mental reserves. This provides a certain level of protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Take walks in nature

Take walks in nature

Taking walks in nature and doing similar simple activities can help with brain function. This is especially true for older people. Scientists prove that can help you a lot with verbal memory, attention and fluency.

These exercises get your blood moving toward your brain. This increases its oxygenation and the number of nutrients it receives. This can help with maintaining the tissues, the nerves, and the neurons.


  1. Visualization and memory

If you want to do this activity, you’ll need little help from a family member or a friend. Their task is  to show you 5 -10 distinct objects.

Your task is to observe with attention each object for about 15 seconds. Then, ask the person to place the objects in different places of the house.

Wait a few minutes. Then begin to describe in detail each object. Be sure to describe the space it is in as well.

For the best results, try to complete this activity in 10 – 15 minutes.

All of these exercises are mentally stimulating. They also represent a great way to reduce stress.


Do not waist time! Give good exercises to your brain.


Source: StepToHealth

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