Eat The Following Six Ingredients – You Won’t Get Fat!

Can you imagine eating a lot and not getting fat?! Read this useful article about six ingredients which can have great influence to your organism and you can consume in bigger quantity. Start from today and don’t worry about calories.

Spinach is one of the Six Ingredients 

Did you know that spinach has only 7 calories! Wow, incredible right? Healthy, great ingredient that you can eat as side dish or spinach soup and it contains so little calories. Spinach is in fact rich in iron and the best way to absorb the iron is when you’ll put spinach in salad and pour with squeezed lemon fresh juice. It is also rich source of Vitamin C which strengthens our immunity. The Vitamin A keeps healthy our skin and it contains also Vitamins from group B. Do not hesitate to add fresh spinach next time when you prepare your favorite fresh salad!

Lemon and grapefruit

Lemon and grapefruit drink, together with ginger melt all fat mass that we have in our stomach area.  Drink every morning combination of these 3 ingredients and you will notice the difference. Lemon contains only 20 kcal per piece.

Black, green and white tea

Tea is great drink which reduces the bad cholesterol in our organism. It is excellent drink in the defense of osteoporosis, strengthens our brain and you may lose weight. “Real” tea has 0 kcal!


Yes, popcorn! First put your favorite movie, then make popcorn and enjoy in the movie. As long as they don’t contain too much butter and too much oil, it’s good for your health. Microwave popcorn contains a lot of butter. Try the old method of making them, in a pot where you’ll put little oil and little salt.


This fruit actually helps in the process of “extracting” fat and calories that you “put in” in your organism during the day through other food. Also, if you eat just one apple, you’ll have feeling that you’re full. Few researches proved that if you eat one apple after 15 minutes of pasta meal, calories intake is reduced for 187 kcal!

Greek yogurt

What is interesting to know is that minerals of Greek yogurt slow down the process of making hormones which can cause fat creation around stomach area.

We hope that this short information about different six ingredients will help you to find the proper way how to consume them and that you’ll start to consume them once you read this article.


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