Eat Pistachio Every Day! These Are The Great Benefits of These Nuts!

Eating Pistachio every day is like being in heaven!  Their origin is from Middle East and Central Asia. They are so delicious but also very healthy! These simple 6 advises will contribute a lot about your health. We will gain a lot of benefits if we consume pistachios on daily basis. Therefore, they deserve  particular place in our diet.



  1. If we consume pistachios only for a few days, they can reduces cholesterol by 20 percent. This is a result of the large amount of the antioxidant Lutein they contain.
    Antioxidants prevent inflammations and they also prevent infiltration of cholesterol in blood vessels.
  2. Pistachio represents a great source of fiber. You don’t have to be rich to consume pistachios. Only in 100 g there are dietary fibers that are crucial for facilitating digestion and accelerating the metabolism.
  3. They regulate blood sugar. One cup of these cashew contains even 60 % of the recommended dose of phosphorus. This mineral, in addition, breaks down amino acids and proteins. Phosphorus also stimulates glucose tolerance.
  4. Pistachios have a power to increase the sexual power of men even for 51 % if they consume them on daily basis. The essential fatty acids are actually responsible for this. They assist in the production of increase the blood flow to the genitalia and sex hormones.
  5. In terms of the large amount of antioxidants content pistachios are champions between nuts. They are the key to the body revitalization. That is why people declare them to be a natural botox. If you want to fight against wrinkles, the recommendation is to take 5 to 10 pistachios a day.
  6. Look for the unpeeled pistachios when you buy them. You will avoid overeating because you will be able to count every opening of the shell. Overeating is bad for any kind of food, even if we consider that food as super food!


Source: NaturalCuresAndHomeRemedies

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