Drinking This Everyday Beverage Can Save Your Life!

Drinking This Everyday Beverage Can Save Your Life!


Coffee bean is the source of coffee – the most popular and most widely consumed beverage. Coffee is beverage that contains numerous active substances, including phenolic acid and caffeine. Caffeine content depends on the type of coffee. The most famous varieties of coffee plants that are all over the world are Arabica (the percentage of caffeine this bean is between 0.8-1.4 percent) and Robusta (1.7-4 % caffeine).

It is actually proven that coffee lovers suffer from diabetes, respiratory diseases, and pneumonia rarely… Those who consume 4-5 coffees per day have lower risk from early death- said experts from a study.

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A lot of previous studies suggest that consuming and drinking coffee increases the risk of cancer. But analysts from National Institute for Cancer analyzed the health of 90.317 people who didn’t have cancer and in their health history don’t have cardiovascular diseases. They followed this group of people in the period from 1998 to 2009. They were making evidence of what do they eat and how many coffees per day they actually drink. 8700 people from this group unfortunately died. Researches in fact took into consideration different factors (like people who were smokers) excluding the consummation of coffee. Researchers today can confirm that actually coffee can reduce mortality rates for some types of cancer.

Therefore, people consuming two to three cups of coffee per day have 18% lower risk of early death comparing with those who don’t consume it at all. There is no proof that this quantity or caffeine that the coffee beans consist has negative influence on our health.

A lot of people drink coffee when they want to see their friend, on professional meetings, in park, on mountain etc.

A lot of them are also asking how many calories actually contain this beverage.

Black coffee contains only 1-2 kcal per 100 ml. But the final nutrition profile of the coffee significantly depends of the additional milk that we want to put inside, cream, sugar (white or brown). Also there is variation of the cup size in Europe or USA so the nutrition value can be different.

Enjoy in your company with nice cup of coffee: instant coffee, black coffee, decaffeinate coffee, coffee with little milk! Mmm, simple drink but definitely God of drinks!


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