Why we Shouldn’t Drink Diet Soda? Aspartame is The Major Problem!

Consumers want to drink soda. They think that by choosing diet soda, they made better choice. Is this actually true? NO!

The most dangerous ingredient in sodas, Aspartame, is actually a sweetener in diet sodas. This ingredient is also used in food supply and it can cause seizures as well as other health issues.

Over a period of ten years and more than 60,000 women as samples, researchers showed that those women who drink two, three or more diet sodas or drinks on daily basis, are more exposed and have In a very new study done over ten years and sampling 60,000 women, it was shown that women much higher rates for cardiovascular disease comparing to those who don’t drink. Also they are more likely to die from the disease.

Similar studies showed that women who drink two, three or more diet drinks a day have 30 % bigger chances for cardiovascular problems. They can easily have stroke and heart attack. They were compared to those who never, almost never or rarely consume diet sodas.

Researchers in fact adjusted the information to the account for demographic characteristics as well as other cardiovascular risk factors, like:

  • smoking,
  • body mass index,
  • hormone therapy use,
  • energy intake,
  • physical activity,
  • diabetes,
  • salt intake,
  • high cholesterol,
  • hypertension,  and
  • sugar-sweetened beverage intake.

In average, women who were drinking two or more diet sodas a day were younger, almost all smokers, and they had high blood pressure, higher prevalence of diabetes and higher body mass index.

Slipping sales of diet soda

The decline or the slipping sales of diet sodas in the US could be the increased health problems or concerns around the sugar-sweetened beverages and a growing awareness of the obesity epidemic. Even diet-branded drinks have felt the sales loss with concerns over artificial sweeteners.

People can choose plenty of natural sweeteners. They are much healthier than aspartame.


Source: RealFarmacy

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