The Greatest Discovery of the Oncologist to Cure Cancer!

How to cure cancer? Is really so difficult treatment?

Tulino Simoncini, a former Italian oncologist says that Cancer is a fungus. The name of that fungus is candida albicans and we can actually treat it using sodium bicarbonate. This man developed a theory that all cancer is exclusively caused by a fungus which name is candida albicans.

Cure Cancer

His alternative cancer treatment is very simple: By the very simple use of common and cheap compound, sodium bicarbonate, we are alkalizing our body and tumor. We are tackling the candida, shrinking the tumor and therefore stopping metastases. It is a natural cancer cure without side effects.


There is a strong connection between beneficial bacteria, candida, acidic bodies.

The following theoretical elements consists the work of the former oncologist:

Firstly, we know that acidic bodies are linked to cancer and ill heart.

Secondly, sodium bicarbonate can alkalize our body. People use it in many preparations as an antacid; or as help in indigestion process. Additionally it is extremely cheap comparing to all medications.

From other hand, the beneficial bacteria in our intestine direct up to 85% of the immune response. They are good because they release anti-cancer vitamins (like folic acid, biotin, B-12, vitamin K) from the food we eat and they even produce sodium butyrate. It is a compound which causes self-destruction of cancer cells. If the acidity of the gut increases, even slightly, beneficial bacteria work imperfectly. Similar like mechanisms that botanists observed in plants.

However, when we sleep during the night, beneficial bacteria digest vast quantities of fungus, microbes, and yeasts that we consumed during the day. In fact, their favorite food is the fungus, Candida albicans.

So, they represent our first line of defense.

So, we ask ourselves: how might candida cause cancer? Can we easily cure cancer?

Candida albicans can actually escape the intestine and travel in the blood stream or in our body. Cinnamon and oregano oil can kill the yeast in the blood stream. When doctors gave cinnamon to patients, around 25% of type-2 Diabetics were shown to improve the condition. Fungus is preventing crucial receptor sites to work normally. The fungus sits on the outer membranes of cells. When it comes to diabetes, those receptor sites are for insulin. However, candida also produces a sugar-like waste product. People with higher blood sugar levels survive less because develop more cancer.


There is a second potential problem. Yeasts such as candida are anaerobes. This actually means that in absence of oxygen, they generate their energy. They can colonize, once in the blood stream, certain local areas of the body and greatly reduce the levels of oxygen in that area. The result is that the local cells do not die. In fact they switch their own energy production from an oxygen-based system to one that doesn’t use oxygen.  This is the system that cancer cells make. They also do not use oxygen to generate their energy from food molecules.

The Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg in 1931 told the world this property of cancer cells and that oxygen was their enemy! He made huge conclusion and discovery how to cure cancer on time.



Source: RealFarmacy

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