Detoxing Super-food Bowl – Papaya & Pumpkin Breakfast

Papaya & Pumpkin Detoxing Super-food Bowl  is great option for healthy breakfast! You are asking yourself what to eat today? Something that doesn’t contain too much calories, but delicious and healthy?

Maybe you are asking yourself how to detox or “clean” your body starting from the morning? This healthy bowl will be your favorite breakfast once you read this recipe. It contains endless variation of nutrients and in same time it’s extremely delicious. What is most important: it is easy to make early in the morning. Organic pumpkin and papaya is excellent combination to start the week by detoxing your body. It will simply boost your organism with vitamins A, C & E, antioxidants, potassium (regulates blood pressure) and enzymes that help will digest proteins.

Start your day full of energy!

Ingredients to blend for detoxing breakfast: 

  • 1/2 can organic pumpkin (or 1/2 cup baked pumpkin, chopped in cubes)
  • Half cup papaya
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 tbs. maca for energy boost
  • 1 tbs. pumpkin spice
  • a cup almond milk
  • Berries (optional but gives sour flavor to this healthy breakfast) – goji berries, blueberries or any berries that you like.

pumpkin papaya breakfast


How to prepare?

Put every ingredient from the list in blender. Your detox breakfast is ready in just 2 minutes! Detox your body on healthy and simple way! You will keep calories under control and you will enjoy eating this detox bomb.  It contains 306 calories. You won’t fell hunger until the lunch but you will have energy for the planned activities.

Toppings: granola, papaya, remaining banana ,cashews, pomegranate seeds and goji berries ( or other berries by taste)

Indulge slowly. Always eat with love – it makes everything taste even better!


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