How To Detect Abandonment Issues In Adults? These Are 5 Signs

Abandonment Issues are not so easy to detect. Children experiencing abandonment can easily develop a lack of a supportive social network, post-traumatic stress disorder or a long-term fear of abandonment. Depending on our parents is very important part of the adulthood.

Abandonment Issues

We judge people very easy. We cannot recognize the struggles that those people are dealing with. How to recognize if a family member, friend or romantic partner has abandonment issues?

Abandonment Issues

THESE five signs will show if a person has abandonment issues:

  1. Chronic Insecurity

Adults who often struggle with insecurity are those who faced abandonment as a child. Their feelings started at a very young age and never went away. As a child, they often felt like they weren’t good enough to warrant affection or love from their parents or caretakers. This feeling brings chronic insecurity that they deal with every day.

  1. Isolation

Often, adults with abandonment issues  express and replicate their isolation. They are actually (and they were as a child as well) afraid to let anyone in or trust anyone. Therefore, they choose to spend time alone. They might show little interest in romantic relationships or struggle to keep a social life. Isolation is a common sign of abandonment.


  1. Heightened Emotional Responses

Abandonment can in fact cause heightened emotional responses to triggers. Those triggers may include being excluded or criticized, being fired or dumped. Anything that makes a person flash back to their abandonment and brings up feelings of depression or low self-esteem can be a trigger. Someone who has been abandoned might actually overreact to such situations, make impulsive decisions or have panic attacks.

  1. Commitment Issues

A person who has abandonment issues often has a hard time trusting other people. They know that the person could leave at any time if they open themselves up to someone else. This leads to a constant struggle with commitment, showing vulnerability and opening up to others.

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  1. Attaching To Someone Too Soon

Abandonment could cause lack of commitment and isolation. It could also cause a person to attach onto others too soon. Someone who’s been abandoned in the past might constantly long for another person to fill the void they feel. A common sign of abandonment is someone who latches on to other people – a romantic partner or a new friend – when they haven’t known them for long.



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