Cut the Heart Attack Risk by 56% With This Spice!

This incredible spice will cut the Heart Attack Risk by surprisingly 56%!

If you can’t find turmeric hiding in your spice cupboard, it’s time to go and buy some!

This healthy orange spice has powerful anti-aging propertie. It is rich in antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory benefits are simply unmatched. To add something very important to the list of benefits, according to a new study, this spice can even decrease the risk of heart attack.

One Study after another show the natural health benefits of this spice on our body. It prevents inflammation, protects the brain and it can help our body fight cancer. In case this is not enough, one new study has shown that turmeric provides amazing benefits for the heart as well. The turmeric extract can decrease heart attack risk by an amazing 56%.


Turmeric Improves Heart Health As Much As Exercise

Turmeric consumption or turmeric supplements can actually improve our cardiovascular health as much as aerobic exercise. Are you wondering how can that be possible? It all comes down to curcumin – the primary polyphenol in turmeric.

The 8-week long study in fact involved 32 postmenopausal women. They were assigned into 3 separate groups. The women were put into either an exercise group, a control group or a curcumin group. Researchers monitored the inner lining of the womens’ blood vessels by measuring flow-mediated arterial dilation. The key cause of the development of atherosclerosis is a disturbance of this function. It is actually a disease where plaque builds up inside the arteries. It can lead to a stroke, heart attack and unfortunately even death.

Turmeric Improves Heart Health As Much As Exercise

Researchers after 8 weeks found that flow-mediated dilation increased significantly in both the exercise group and curcumin group. The researchers concluded, “This study showed that regular aerobic exercise training or regular consumption of curcumin notably improved endothelial function. Curcumin may prevent the age-associated decline in endothelial function in postmeopausal women.”

In case that was too much to follow, curcumin has similar effects as exercise when it comes to preventing plaque build up inside the arteries. That is actually the main cause of heart attack.

Turmeric – Great Natural Remedy For The Heart

Our body needs exercises and turmeric shouldn’t replace physical exercise. But studies show that it’s able to produce some of the same cardiovascular health benefits.

Here’s how to consume turmeric for eliminating Heart Attack Risk:

Every day for eight weeks we should take 150 mg of turmeric extract in order to enhance heart function.  It is equal to 25 mg of curcumin. The curcumin content in turmeric powder is usually 2%. If you choose turmeric powder, keep this in mind. You can consume 1 teaspoon or turmeric daily, or purchase turmeric extract capsules. Adding turmeric to your diet is easier than you might think. You can add a pinch here and there to your food or tea. You can also drink tumeric lemon water or  tumeric juice.


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