Cut THESE FOODS From Your Diet to Fight Inflammation

Fight inflammation before you actually have it! We always look for a therapy or solution once the inflammation comes up. Arthritis or any other chronic disease can cause pain and inflammation. Afterwards, we look for a solution to relieve the pain.

Fight Inflammation

In the first place we should always ask ourselves how to prevent the inflammation?

Inflammation is in fact a natural product of our body to repair tissue injury. But chronic inflammation means when that process is getting out of hand and simply can’t stop. Certain types of food can bring this overreaction. That is a food that we consume every day, but with little effort we can easily remove them from our diet.

So what foods should we avoid from the everyday list?

These 3 can cause major chronic inflammation:

  1. Anything That can Trigger an Allergy

If you have any type of allergy, you know that it is wrong for your body. This food can also affect the inflammation processes of your body in the wrong way. It’s very important to make sure that you don’t eat anything that your body can’t handle. Even if it is only a mild reaction, stop consuming that product.

The hardest foods to avoid are the common allergens like dairy products, eggs and vegetables. We can find these products in some foods where we actually don’t expect. Always check the ingredients of the food you eat when you buy. Maybe you’ll be surprised that your favorite food actually contains that disturbing allergen!

  1. Avoid Fried Foods to Fight Inflammation

You already know how deep fried foods are bad for your health for other reasons. Additionally to that, they have their role in promoting inflammation.

Almost all natural nutrients in the oils that people use in fried foods are already removed. The heat in fact destroys whatever little “healthy” they contain. What is actually left is toxin that overloads the elimination system of our body. That causes the inflammation process to go crazy.

  1. Processed Foods and Drinks

Just like the bad oil in fried foods, most products that are processed end up losing almost all their nutrients before they find their place in supermarkets.

  • Processed soups,
  • Sparkling or “gassy” drinks,
  • Pastries,

and more have been modified so that at the end,they do more bad to our bodies than good.

If you avoid eating these foods and cut them out of your diet, it will definitely help your inflammation system. You’ll do what you need to repair your tissue and you won’t have problems. No more arthritis, no chronic inflammation.

And don’t worry, there are substitutions and solutions to fight inflammation as well!

If you already have chronic inflammation there are a lot of natural foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties. They are available at supermarkets:

  • Coconut oil: even when we cook with it, we cannot destroy the nutrients in this oil. Plus, we can easily digest
  • Fish: encourages the production of pain relieving hormones in the body. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger: In its root, contains significant anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cayenne peppers: contains capsaicin which is an anti-inflammatory agent


Source: RealFarmacy

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