Did You Know? Cotton Products – Filled With Cancer-Causing Glyphosate!

We live in modern society where unfortunately almost everything is genetically modified. The majority of cotton products as well. Have you ever thought that it can be endocrine-disrupting, with cancer-causing and infertility-promoting glyphosate?

Cotton Products

There is a new study that says that 85% of cotton products in USA like cotton balls, gauze, pads swabs, wipes, etc. are tested positive for glyphosate. Another 62% are tested positive for its environmental metabolite AMPA. It is potentially considered to be 1,000 times more toxic in our body. Gauze samples, unfortunately, are tested positive 100% of the time.

“The result of this research is consequential and very serious. We use gauze or cotton to heal wounds or for personal hygienic use thinking that they are actually sterilized products. But sadly, results show that they are contaminated with a damaging carcinogenic substance,” says pediatrician Vazquez Medardo Avila.

Even the World Health Organization, as you have maybe heard, has recently been forced to admit that glyphosate, the most popular herbicide worldwide, is a probable human carcinogen.

This is real possibility that glyphosate-tainted products are really tainting us in a lot of different ways than just through our food.

Over 90% of the cotton products grown in the USA is grown and made from genetically modified seeds.

Manufacturers specifically make them to withstand the application of glyphosate. And while we routinely use cotton products on places like cuts, or to clean ears or even wipe our baby’s bottom, when it comes to feminine “protection” products, women don’t just use them for a short period of time. For example, women place tampons in a highly sensitive mucous membrane area. It is actually near a woman’s cervix and her reproductive organs. It stays there for hours and hours, over a period of multiple days. Every month, during all the years a woman is fertile, it’s there!

These are potentially harmful chemical that cause cancer, other immune disorders and of course, health issues for all ladies.

Unless manufacturers confirm that they make these products from organic cotton, we will assume that they are genetically modified. Over 90% of the cotton is GMO. If this study is any indication, if it doesn’t have label that is organic, it’s very probably that they are “rich” in glyphosate!

glyphosate tampons

Researchers also found that 90% of the people “who passed the test” in one of Buenos Aires districts were positive for glyphosate in their urine. Even though nobody who “passed the test” had in fact direct contact with Roundup products!

At the end, you’ll probably never hear this information in the mainstream media. Especially not in the country where corporations and lobbyists run everything.


Source: RealFarmacy


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