Start to Consume Chestnuts Now! Here are 5 Good Reasons Why!

Precious chestnuts are ingredients full of energetic and nutrition value and they are recommended for kids, pregnant women, and older people – in one word for everyone! They are symbols of winter, cold weather that can warm us up anytime. Don’t hesitate to buy chestnuts and to consume as much as you can. They are sweet and can easily replace any dessert; they are great replacement for healthy snack while you are at home or out for a winter walk.

Why we recommend eating chestnuts regularly?

  1. Chestnuts can relax you and make you feel calm

They are rich in Vitamin C and vitamins from group B. What is characteristic about chestnuts is that they don’t lose this value and vitamins while boiling or roasting because they are well protected from their own peel. From minerals, they are rich in manganese, copper and potassium. Manganese is very important for nerve system functioning, improves mussels’ reflexes and of course, improves our memory and reduces nervous irritability.

  1. They are abundant in vitamin C

Comparing with other nuts, chestnuts have lower percentage of fat but they have a lot starch. Did you know that they are the only nuts that have vitamin C? In 100 g roasted chestnuts there are 26 mg vitamin C and that satisfies 43% of our daily needs for this vitamin. Vitamin C is powerful antioxidant and protects our organism from harmful effect of free radicals, makes stronger our organism and helps in collagen production. Chestnuts are gluten free!

  1. Perfect food for pregnant women

What is very interesting is that these healthy nuts contain folic acid – crucial ingredient that pregnant women need! It is very important for cell growth, DNA synthesis and normal functioning of nerve system. Folic acid is something that pregnant women should “consume” every day because it’s very important for proper development and growth of the fetus.

  1. These precious nuts protect our heart

They are rich source of mono-unsaturated fat such as oleic and palmitic acid. Why they are important? Because they protect our cardiovascular system and they also reduce high cholesterol.

  1. Chestnuts help in secretion of fluids

Great food if you have kidney and stomach upsets. They normalize the liver and kidneys function and that helps to remove the excess of water that we have in our body.

We hope that these 5 reasons will convince you to buy chestnuts next time when you’ll go buy groceries! Enjoy in their healthy influence and great taste.


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