Clear A Blocked Nose Only In 2 Minutes! Here is How

Blocked nose? Annoying, right? It is an regular and effortless process of our body so we often ignore its importance. We actually feel the difference when we are unable to breath properly and our nose is blocked.

The blocked nose comes along with common cold. It is really awful  when the nasal passage is blocked. In fact we have to take a lot of efforts to breath. So, if you are suffering from blocked nose here are some quick home remedies for you.

2 Minutes Home Remedy that Really Works!

The blocked nose often leads to a cough, headache and body ache. Therefore, it is very important immediately to treat the blocked nose. Use this 2 minutes massage remedy to get rid of blocked nose.

  1. Rotate your index fingers on your nose and massage each side of the nostrils.
  2. Apply equal pressure on all the parts of nostrils.
  3. Later, give massage to your cheekbones and inner corners of the eye using sweeping movement.
  4. At the end massage your earlobes for about 30 seconds using your fingertips.
  5. You will experience an amazing result in terms of open nasal passage.

Other Natural Remedies to Clear a Blocked Nose

Saltwater Gargle

In order to relieve a stuffy nose, the salt-water gargle works really well. It also provides relief from common cold.

What you need

Things you have to do

  1. Take 1 mug of warm water and add 1 tsp of salt.
  2. Mix it well and press the finger on one of your nostrils to shut it down.
  3. While snorting the solution into the other nostril.
  4. Blow your nose immediately and repeat the process with another nostril.
  5. Your will instantly get relief from the blocked nose.

Steam Bath for Blocked Nose

The steam bath is a great solution on blocked nose. It not only relieve the stuffy nose but also provides relief from body ache caused due to common cold.

  1. Make the hot tap on to feel the room with steam.
  2. Have a steam bath and try to breath as much as possible in the steam.
  3. You can sprinkle some drops of eucalyptus oil and inhale deeply to cure blocked nose.

Eat Some Spicy Foods

The intake of spicy food like coriander, chili and cayenne pepper will help to drain your nose. Once the mucus is out from your nose you will get instant relief from nasal congestion.

Cut Some Onions

For a change help your mother in the kitchen and chop some onions.  The smell of onions might make you cry. But amazingly your sinuses and stuffy nose will be cleared in no time.

Keep Drinking Water

The more hydrated you will be the more easily the excessive mucus will drop down from your nose. It is very important to drink a lot of water to breath normally and clear the blockage in nose.



Source: LetsGoHealthy

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