Are you chocolate lover? Dark Chocolate is perfect solution!

Are you chocolate lover?  You feel unconditionally happy when the chocolate simply melt in your mouth? Don’t feel guilty because actually the DARK chocolate is really good for your health.

When it comes to chocolate, please aim to buy chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content. If you don’t like it so simple, you can choose flavorings like nuts and peel rather than caramel and nougat. And of course, now when you know this useful information, don’t replace all your fruit snacks and veggies with chocolate. It’s important to remember that you should moderate – like with everything else in our life, right?

Here are 12 health reasons why is good to consume it:


Chocolate helps you relax and makes you feel better
A Swiss study found that by eating 40g of dark chocolate every day you feel more relaxed, calmer and generally in a better mood. It can significantly reduce your level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Chocolate enhances concentration

Very dark chocolate is thought to cause an increase in blood flow to certain parts of the brain, boosting alertness and performance for up to three hours.

It can help ward off cancer

High levels of the antioxidant polyphenol found in dark chocolate can lessen the damage caused by free radicals; biochemists at London’s King’s College say you’d need to drink 17 glasses of orange juice to get the same benefits as 50 grams of dark chocolate.

Chocolate can help prevent heart disease

A Swedish study of over 30,000 women found that those who ate one – two servings of dark chocolate a week cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by a third! This is thought to be due to its anti-inflammatory properties as well as the fact it contains high levels of flavonoids, or a type of super powerful antioxidant.

Dark Chocolate is perfect solution


Can stop you from snacking

Yup, its true! This sweet pleasure has high fiber content and that makes it more satisfying than milk chocolate. Meaning you’re less likely to eat calorific foods that your body doesn’t need at all.

Protect your skin with dark chocolate

We all know that we should protect our skin from UV rays. They can damage our skin, but flavonoids found in dark chocolate can in fact protect us from sun. It’s no substitute for SPF, you still need to protect your skin but it helps a lot!

Chocolate consumption could help control diabetes

Nitric oxide helps to control insulin sensitivity. It is enhanced by flavonoids which means that the regular dark chocolate can cut by half the onset of insulin resistance.

Eating chocolate cheers you up!

Tired? Not in a mood? By boosting serotonin (the happy hormone) levels in your brain, that sneaky afternoon dark chocolate break can really make you feel happier.

It boosts blood flow

The anti-clotting, blood-thinning properties of dark chocolate have been shown to aid circulation and improve blood flow, which can improve the appearance of skin and decrease cellulite.

Can boost your vision

Research carried out by the University of Reading suggests that increased blood to the brain caused by eating dark chocolate may also improve flow to the retina, helping you to see more clearly.

Consuming dark chocolate makes you smarter

It’s correct. An experiment has shown that a person who takes one cup of hot chocolate in the evening have increased brain function. We can achieve this with the increased blood flow in our heart and brain. The whole cognitive function of our body actually improves.

Dark Chocolate makes you look younger

Many toxins as well as free radical can actually cause cell damage. Thus, they can “help” in process of aging. Since dark chocolate is very rich in antioxidants, it gives us great help in fighting the process of cell damaging. So, don’t think twice!

Take your favorite dark chocolate and stay young!


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