These World Known Chips Are Filled With Deadly Pesticides!

When we think about chips, we often think about Lays.
It’s yummy, so crispy and light. Simply delicious that is melting on our tongue. They are enough salty to make your taste buds go *pop!*

They’re also very unhealthy and potentially deadly.


Frito-Lay Corporation based in Texas is in fact a subsidiary of PepsiCo. It is the largest food and beverage business in the USA .

According to their report, Lay’s brand is the number one food brand for snacks in the world. According to the following news, it is a bit scary.

Independent scientists and researchers tested this chips! They found that 100% of the Lay’s chips were filled of a lot of toxic pesticide.  When we think of pesticides we know that they can be removed or washed. Here, in this case, in the production process, they literally embed inside every cell of the plants used in production.

Another Lay’s product is Sun Chips. Researchers found the chemical Glyphosate .

Researchers also found an important link between occupational exposure to lymphoma and glyphosate.


GMO Free USA reports:

“The DNA analysis is verifying the quantitative PCR test. It shows that 100% of the corn in the SunChips was GMO. It contains DNA sequences which are present in insecticide-producing Roundup Ready corn and Bt. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in SunChips at a level of 0.14 ppm, or 0.14 mg/kg.”


But most of the people actually think of Sun Chips as a healthy snack solution.

The marketing of company presents them that way. They freely use the phrase “whole grain” and include pictures of fresh veggies on the bag.

All chips are bad to eat as a daily snack, especially those which contain cancer-causing pesticide like in SunChips. It is especially bad for your children.

The GMO Free USA report shows the fact that this company has spent at least $8.1 million to defeat citizen vote initiatives all over the country. The aim was to push them to disclose their GMO practices.

Now we are aware of what they’re trying to hide from us. But we are sure that there are plenty of details that we don’t know about!

Choose healthy snacks for your children! Health is always on place number ONE!


Source: DavidWolfe

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