Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet Cured This Woman Cured in Only 6 Weeks

Is there a real anti-cancer diet? Unfortunately we cannot read or come across a true cancer survival story where the patient is no longer symptomatic and has become completely cancer free. A lot of people claim that chemotherapy or surgery cured the cancer which comes back with a vengeance.

Anti-Cancer Diet

All over the world a lot of people die each year from cancer or cancer treatments. One scientist actually found that those who use cancer treatments like chemotherapy die quicker than those who get no treatment at all.

In China Jane Plant, a 65 year old geochemistry professor at Imperial College in London lives with her husband Peter Simpson, also a professor. They have three children and six grandchildren.

She was diagnosed with cancer and says: Last year I became a grandma for the sixth time. Considering I’d been given two months to live 17 years earlier, when my kids were still children, it felt like a remarkable achievement to be holding yet another grandchild in my arms.


When I was 42 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought I’d beaten it, but five years later it returned with a vengeance. I carried on fighting. But when it recurred for the fifth time I asked my doctor to end my life for me there. I didn’t see how I could go on battling a disease that seemed ­hell-bent on finishing me off.


But when I heard my little boy, who was just six years old, crying out for me in another room, I knew I could never again allow myself to feel as though it was an option to leave him.


Five weeks later, when I was told that I had two months to live, I wasn’t upset, frightened or angry. I was on the way back and had already begun to search my own scientific solution to get rid of this mess.

That night, in my office, Peter and I looked at a map that showed the ­incidence of various types of cancer across the world. In China the breast cancer rate was one in 100,000 compared to 1 in 10 here. What a night and day difference.

I thought that there should be Anti-Cancer Diet!


Further research convinced me that it had to be diet-related. So I adopted the kind of Anti-cancer diet predominant in China. Their diet consisted of no dairy proteins and a low animal protein. But included lots of­ vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes.


Six weeks later my tumor had gone! My oncologist told me it had simply responded to chemotherapy and that it would return when my treatment finished. It was a blow to hear that, but I stayed on the diet and lived the best life I could. It was a very precarious existence, endlessly checking for lumps and forever wondering how much time I had left. But I was lucky the tumor didn’t come back.

Six years later I stepped off a train in Reading. I was giving a lecture there and I was struck with this epiphany:

‘I’m not dead — I’m still not dead.’

Those words repeated in my head over and over for the rest of the day. And I knew I could finally allow myself to believe I had beaten cancer.


I’m 65, but unlike most women, the aging process causes me no anguish. I look at every new wrinkle as a mark of victory!


Source: HealthyWildandFree

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