Cannabis Classification and Its Amazing Therapeutic Use

Is there cannabis classification group? Where would you classify this plant?

There is a wide acceptance that human beings were using Marijuana for thousand and thousands years. There is pictorial and written evidence of cannabis in the historical period and it uses in many cultures. It existed on the different parts of the world.

Cannabis Classification

Drug Classification Halts Use – Cannabis Classification

The therapeutic and recreational use of cannabis was federal prohibited and firstly  imposed by Congress by passages of Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The organic compounds (cannabinoids) of the plant, under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, were classified as a Schedule I.

Thus, this type of classification has made the cannabis to represent the pool same as heroin. This also means that cannabis hold-

  • No acceptance for medical use
  • High potential for abuse
  • Lack of accepted safety in order to use the drug
  • It is not accepted the use of the drug even under medical supervision.

Can we compare the situation of cannabis with the prohibited drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine use/. They are illegal for recreational. However, one can consume these drugs under doctors supervision as these drugs are  classified as Schedule II drugs. The most lenient classification includes putting Analgesics in Schedule V drugs which contain codeine. Anabolic steroids and Valium are also classified as Schedule III and IV drugs.

Support of Therapeutic Use

The criminalization of marijuana is often defined using the dated drug classification by  federal lawmakers. The detail examination of this classification indicated that there is no scientific basis to make such categorization of this plant. Even after 75 years of prohibition of this drug, the therapeutic properties of cannabis are regularly under study.

In the scientific literature is really amazing that there exist over 20,000 published reviews and studies about the therapeutic properties of cannabis plants and its cannabinoids. In recent 4 years, there is a publication of about 1/3 rd of the studies.

The research studies on this plant indicate that the modern culture has started to accept the usefulness of cannabis as stated in our history. Therefore, the public opinion on cannabis classification and use is rapidly changing. The relaxing of state legislation made use fo marijuana for medical purposes legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Now many people are coming forward to cure the health issues and to use marijuana for medical purposes.

The fight still exists about the validity of making use of marijuana legal. Debates constantly continue between different bodies on federal and state level. However, with the widespread of information about the medicinal benefits and properties of marijuana the acceptances towards the use of this plant for medical uses is gradually growing among people.




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