Cancer-Causing Chemicals in These Dish Soaps! Stop Using Them Immediately!

Can you believe that there are Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Dish Soaps?

We use dish soaps in an effort to clean everything well and to maintain hygiene so that we can stay healthy. But there are harmful chemicals in these soaps that may negatively impact our health. Many dishsoaps contain harmful chemicals and we should avoid them to optimize health.

Some of these chemicals include formaldehyde, silicate salts, sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate.

Cancer Causing Chemicals in These Dish Soaps

Which Dangerous dish soap we should avoid:

  1. Palmolive
  2. Ajax
  3. Dawn
  4. Meyers
  5. Cucina
  6. Legacy of Clean

Some of them may cause skin and eye irritation. They can be also dangerous if we inhale or consume as well. While FDA classifies low amounts as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), there are concerns regarding organ system toxicity, allergic reactions and respiratory issues.


We can find Formaldehyde in Ajax, Palmolive, Dawn and many other common household cleaners. The (EWG) Environmental Working Group found many areas of concern because has graded this widely used chemical. They rank it as being of high concern for irritations and skin allergies as well as for cancer. The chemical is of moderate concern regarding respiratory issues and asthma. It may cause severe eye damage and skin burns and general systemic organ effects.


Sulfuric Acid – One of the most dangerous Cancer-Causing Chemicals

We can find this chemical in Ajax and Palmolive. The EWG provides evidence that this chemical may cause severe eye damage, skin burns, dermatitis and skin irritations and allergies. It is a known carcinogen. Also, the chemical itself may cause respiratory irritation and can be an asthma-gen. The US Food and Drug Administration states that this substance is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). But considering the fact that it is a widely used chemical and the potential health risks, the best solution is to avoid it completely.


Certain perfumes commonly used in soaps, specifically pentasodium pentetate, can be very harmful to family’s health. We can find this chemical in food additives, cosmetics and many household cleaners . It is potentially irritating to the eyes and skin. The EWG says that it is a chemical of low concern, but also acknowledges that the evidence is lacking regarding its safety. As such, the best solution is to avoid it completely.

Ammonium Sulfate

Ajax and Palmolive contain ammonium sulfate. The EWG suggests that this chemical is of some concern. Specifically, it is a skin irritant and there are risks for respiratory issues, asthma and cancer.

We can find these five possibly harmful ingredients in many Palmolive soaps as well as other soaps like Ajax, Dawn, Cucina, Meyers and Legacy of Clean. While some of these chemicals may be GRAS, we commonly use them which increases the chance of exposure to harmful levels. Therefore, the best advice is to opt for alternatives.

Here is a list of safer soap to use:

  1. Seventh Generation
  2. Better Life
  3. Puracy
  4. Ecover
  5. Method

Better yet, Don’t waste time on Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Make your own natural dish soap! Watch the video below to find out how:


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