Call the Police if You Notice a Person with Black Dot on the Palm

If you see a person who, on the palm has a black dot, you should immediately call the police. The black dot is a sign that this person is in very big trouble. This is not health advice or recipe but we agreed to write and spread the information.

The Black Dot Campaign actually started on Facebook. Its purpose is to recognize the victims of domestic abuse. The black dot on their palm means a call for help. By putting a black dot on their palms, victims of domestic violence can widely show that unfortunately they’re in danger. Therefore,  if you ever notice on a street, in a bar or elsewhere a person with a black dot on his/her hand, do not hesitate to help this person and call the authorities.

Black Dot

People who organized this Black Dot Campaign state:

“The black dot on the hand lets professionals know you’re a really vulnerable domestic violence survivor. That little spot shows that you need help but can’t ask because your abuser is actually watching every move. The campaign has reached over 6,000 people worldwide in only 24 hours. This “event” has already helped 6 women. Please, do not hesitate to spread the campaign and information. Post a picture of your hand with the black dot and you will show your support to all domestic violence survivors.”

Person with Black Dot on the Palm

One survivor of domestic violence gives testimony: “I’m pregnant, only 1 week to go until my due date but the baby’s father is very abusive. With words and with hands. I’ve been so scared fora long time and even more with the baby coming soon. Yesterday, I was at the hospital and he was with me. As the time comes, he never leaves my side anymore. I had to have a regular check,  examination and as usual the consultant asked me to lie on the bed.I drew the curtain. Luckily, I learnt over, I took the pen out of his pocket, pulled his hand over to me and wrote HELP ME. I couldn’t say a word.

This campaign gave me the force and strength and of course, an idea how to ask for help. I am now safe thanks to the  campaign and that consultant. Thank you life, I am finally happy and safe”.


Source: WhyDontYouTryThis


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