Here is a Genius Idea Why You Should Burn Coffee Grounds in Backyard or Outdoors!

Burn Coffee grounds and you will have no bugs around you. Coffee grounds are excellent natural solution for keeping away all insects. Now, in spring time, or any time when the weather is just perfect, we want to enjoy outdoor. In our garden, backyard barbecues with friends and family; that’s the season! But those annoying little bugs can easily provoke allergies and serious viruses like Zika.

Then we buy all those commercial repellants that have harmful effects twhen we breath them in.

There is a very simple solution for this situation. And, believe it or not, that is: coffee grounds!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  coffee grounds are effective natural repellant. Theywill keep many insects away.  Bees, mosquitos and wasps are no more problem for your garden!

A lot of insects have a very  developed sense of smell.  Coffee grounds have incredibly strong-smell and when they burn, drive them crazy.

How to use and burn coffee grounds?

use and burn coffee grounds

Very easy! Take the used or fresh coffee grounds, put them in a bowl and cover with aluminum foil. Leave the bowl in a cool and dark place. Let the grounds dry completely.

Then, leave the grounds in a bowl or simply place on a sheet of foil. Put them on a flat area outdoors and burn them like you would incense. Open the windows if you’re inside and trying to keep mosquitos out. Leave the bowl burning in a central place if you use this great method at an outdoor area.


Does it work? Or there are still insects flying and plaguing you?

Mix coffee grounds with some fresh bay leaf and burn them together.


If it’s a windy day or big area, you have to place around 5 of these natural burning bowls around to make sure the area is well and enough covered.

And that’s all! How cool, right? It’s very cheap, green, natural and you don’t have to spray all sorts of chemicals around the house, garden, on yourself or your children.

If you want to see the trick in action, watch the following video!


Source: DavidWolfe

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