Broccoli Stalk and Leaves are 100% Healthier Than Broccoli Flower

When we talk about healthiest vegetable, Broccoli always wins the crown. To remain healthy, often we get a suggestion and advice of eating broccoli as a salad. But it is always confusing for many of us which part of this amazing vegetable we should actually consume. Which are in fact its edible parts and what the benefits are?

Broccoli Leaves

Find out more on what benefits you get and what to eat from a broccoli vegetable. 

Broccoli flower is a rich source of antioxidant along with vitamin A, C and E. Also, by consuming it regularly we get ample amount of calcium and magnesium from the broccoli flower.

But what about the other parts of broccoli?

Do you throw them away? Have you ever thought of eating leaves or the stalk? If not then you are wrong! It is now time to think.

You will be actually surprised to know that only 30 grams of leaves consist of 90% of vitamin A doses which our organism requires on daily basis. The intake of broccoli leaves boost perfectly our immune system and improve the eyesight. It also provides 43% of vitamin C to our body. With this characteristic, it acts as a preventive agent for cancer.

So, as soon as you buy it, do not hesitate to eat the stalk with leaves . Let’s now quickly check out the benefit of stalks. The stalk is a rich source of fiber. It tastes little sweetish and very good to eat. It will definitely take a bit more of time to prepare or cook compared to the other parts of broccoli. But it definitely worth waiting.

So whenever you buy this vegetable, cook it completely without throwing away the other parts. It is amazing natural healing plant of which you can eat everything: stalk, flower, leaves . Don’t miss out any part of this incredible vegetable. Just enjoy eating it and stay healthy.



Source: LetsGoHealthy

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