Benefits and Uses of the Amazing Herb Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an herb that has small flowers, light green leaves, and amazing health benefits. The seed pods on the Fenugreek plant contain 10-20 yellow-brown and small seeds that we can use in medicine and cooking. The herb has been used in traditional medicine in India, Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East for centuries. Fenugreek benefits include the ability to reduce lower cholesterol levels,  inflammation, remedy digestion problems and much more.

Fenugreek FI

Benefits of Fenugreek

  1. Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Improves Digestion

Fenugreek acts as a natural remedy for various digestive problems. It can help relieve constipation, an upset stomach, and inflammation in the stomach. Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory abilities, it can also help treat ulcerative colitis. Fenugreek benefits also include the ability to lower cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that the herb can naturally lower triglycerides and cholesterol, without affecting the “good” cholesterol levels or HDL.

  1. Reduces Inflammation in the Body

It has the ability to lower inflammation levels inside our body. This herb works as a natural remedy for conditions such as boils, bronchitis, mouth ulcers, kidney problems, chronic coughs and even cancer. It also works to naturally lower blood sugar levels, making it a helpful herb in the diabetes management. The herb’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties can also help relieve joint pain related to arthritis.

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  1. Increases Libido in Men

Studies have shown that this herb has a significant influence on sexual energy, arousal and stamina. It works as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, hernias, and other problems linked to testosterone levels like baldness. Fenugreek has a positive influence on testosterone levels. However, before using it to improve sexual performance, it’s best to consult a health care professional.

  1. Promotes Milk Flow for Breastfeeding Mothers

Fenugreek benefits extend to breastfeeding mothers. It can naturally increase the milk flow. Studies have shown that this herb acts as a galactagogue. In as little as 24 hours, it stimulates the milk ducts to increase milk production.

  1. Lowers Inflammation Outside our Body

This herb has the ability to lower inflammation levels outside of the body thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The herb also works externally as a poultice. Wrapping fenugreek in cloth, warming it, applying it directly to the skin can reduce external inflammation. Fenugreek can help treat ulcers,gout, sciatica, wounds, eczema and pain and swelling in the muscles and lymph nodes.

  1. Adds Special Flavor to Food

We can use this herb as spice or flavor to the food we make. Indian people use this herb many dishes, including curry.

  1. Eating Disorders? No more problems!

According to a study published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, this seed extract was able to increase food intake on significant level as well as the motivation to eat. It enhances appetite and flavor.

  1. Improves Exercise Performance

Studies have shown that this seed includes the ability to improve exercise performance. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, a combination of fenugreek extract and creatine increased lean mass and strength in participants. The study suggests that fenugreek may be beneficial for athletes.



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