Combination with Baking Soda-Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

We can find Baking soda everywhere, in every house, but only few people use its full potential. Not expensive product that can help in overall health and it can be used in various ways.

It is proven that can treat cold and flu; it can neutralize the pH of the stomach (It alkalizes the body) and can replace the anti-acid drugs. In its many uses, we can use it as a foot bath, as sunburn remedy.

Baking soda combined with water and pink Himalayan salt is brilliant all-natural remedy.

You will actually create water high in minerals, which will also include more hydrogen and oxygen for cells which will effectively oxygenate, alkalize and hydrates the body.

Moreover, it regulate the pH levels of all organs in the body and balance the pH of the blood.

This mixture will also oxygenate and balance the kidney sand  lungs  so it will ensure balanced pH levels in the entire body.

For optimal health, the pH levels of the body should be 7.35-7.45. This water will ensure this balance and regulate the pH levels in the blood close to the optimal levels.

The level of pH in water combined with baking soda is 8.2, while combined with Himalayan pink salt is around 6.50.

The pH of this magical mixture is around 7.35-7.5, maintain balanced Ph levels , just in the exact range to provide numerous nutrients and  provide hydrogen and oxygen and lead to an optimal health state.

This is how to prepare this great healthy beverage:

With Baking Soda, Water and Himalayan Salt Drink



The best thing to do is to choose aluminum-free baking soda, as some people warn that conventional baking soda contains aluminum. This is not confirmed, but for best effects, make sure you are on the safe side. It is cheap, even though it costs a bit more.

baking soda and himalayan salt

How to prepare:

One simple step! Just add the baking soda and the Himalayan salt in water and stir a bit.

Then, it is ready for consumption!

We recommend to drink it twice a day, in the morning before breakfast and in the evening.

This wonderful healthy drink can balance the pH levels in the blood and the entire body, oxygenate the body, treat heartburn, boost the immune system and make it stronger, treat ulcers, help in the case of diabetes, prevent various infections, skin conditions, colds, flu and much more.


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