Beat the Bad Cholesterol and Fat With This Natural Beverage!

Make one glass of this amazing syrup today and bad cholesterol and fat will go away!

Increased fat in the blood and cholesterol? More and more people today have that problem because of the rapid way of life and suffer from bad cholesterol. Less time to have regular meals, eating fast food and unhealthy snacks are one of the reasons for more and more fat people. Taking meals in different hours every day is also bad habit. Genetic predispositions play also big role in cholesterol appearance in the body.  Bad cholesterol can increase the level of future heart disease.

This syrup shows great effect in the process of removing or lowering cholesterol. It’s great natural and homemade drink to detox your organism and to get rid of the cholesterol! It will show incredible health results.

Bad Cholesterol


  • 1 kg lemon
  • 5-6 tuft parsley
  • 3 liters water
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda

How to make this syrup against Bad Cholesterol and Fat?

First wash nicely all lemons with cold water, and then dip all lemons in hot water and pour in the baking soda.  Leave it for one hour.

Cut the parsley (together with stalks) into very small pieces. Cut the lemon (together with the zest) into tiny pieces.  Put parsley and lemon in large pot and pour 3 liters water. Boil on low heat for 2-3 hours. When it will be well boiled, drain it nicely. You should get 1,5 liters approximately.

How to consume it?

Drink the syrup every morning on empty stomach one small glass (shots). Drink it for 15 days every morning and you will notice huge difference.   If you want to see the difference, measure the level of cholesterol before and after taking this syrup. You will be amazed of the result of this simple natural beverage that you can make it on your own.


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