Autism Rates Are Increasing in USA! Read Why This is Happening!

In the US, since the 1980s, autism rates have been rising. Autism prevalence was 1 in 2,500 In 1985. Only in ten years it jumped to 1 in 500. Unfortunately today it is a shocking 1 in 68 children.

Autism Rates Are Increasing in USA

More and more doctors and researchers are continuously raising red flags. They actually see more evidence that this epidemic is connected not only to food, environmental and water toxins, but also to the vaccinations. The immunization schedule for children in 1995 had 19 vaccinations before the age of 16. In 2001, that number is 28 before the age of 18.

Following the 2016 schedule, if child have all the boosters, all the doses of the vaccines, and a double-dose of the annual flu shot done, this child can receive up to 72 vaccinations!

While the state of California has long been in favor of natural medicine and freedom to choose your own method of healing, all that changed in June 2015. The Governor Jerry Brown signed the controversial SB277 bill eliminating religious and personal exemptions for vaccines.

Could the increased rates even partly contribute to a stunningly rapid rise in autism rates? Let’s see.

prevalence graph

Looking at the nationwide data shown above, many doctors predict that the autism rates will actually keep rising. But the CDC refuses to research the potential link to vaccine additives, even after we saw Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC scientist who admit that the CDC purposefully omitted important results from at least one study.

Now, alternative media is sharing stories of countless vaccine injured children. Movies like VAXXED are coming out to spread awareness. And even well known personalities with huge platforms like Jim Carey are speaking out against vaccine additives.

Instead of pumping the brakes a bit and reevaluating things, the pharmaceutical industry has busy been developing almost 300 new vaccines as of 2012: 102 for cancers and 170 for infectious disease.

The effect on the population’s health is difficult to predict when adding so many vaccines, and even harder to track. Vaccine makers study the vaccines they “invent” in combination with one or two on a rare occasion. But there is no study on the real life effect of injecting people with large amounts vaccines in a small amount of time.

When obligatory vaccination laws pass, people after analyzing the risks, will not be able to make a decision for themselves.

Thanks to SB 277,the controversial laws in California, people are literally losing control over their own bodies.

After SB 277 Law Passed, Autism Rates in California are Up in Only One Year

The state of California passed its controversial mandatory vaccination law (SB 277). It removed religious and personal reasons from the list of being exempt from vaccinations. The goal was to increase vaccination rates.

cali schools

In 2016 the  autism rates in California public schools jumped 7% in general. They were especially high for kindergarten kids – by even 17%. As the Sacramento Bee reported, since 2001, the number of children diagnosed as autistic has risen seven-fold.

Each year there are increases. But in 2016, the rate increased even higher than usual, following the mandatory vaccination law. From the previous school year, there was a report of a total of 6,368 additional cases. The number of these cases was 6,076 comparing the school years 2013-2014 to 2014-2015. The prior school year prior had an increase of 6,089.

In total, after SB277 took effect, nearly a jump of 300 extra cases  between the ’14-15 school year and the ’15-’16 one.

Vaccines have aluminum, mercury and many toxins in them. More often kids experience severe adverse reactions, including many symptoms that are identical to those on the autism spectrum.

1 out of 68 kids are autistic, on national level, the number in California public school is now more than 1 out of 65 kindergarten kids.

Children May Be in More Danger Having to Catch Up to the Vaccination Schedule 

When SB 277 started, a lot of parents with young children who did not start vaccinating yet or were behind the vaccination schedule, were actually forced to catch up or they couldn’t longer go to a public school. As a result, in a very short period of time, many children received a high amount of vaccines.

When it comes to toxins in vaccinations, the more vaccines are given at one time, the bigger the risk that a child will experience a severe adverse reaction.

When we hear of a child left disabled or even dead after receiving vaccinations, it is unfortunately often after receiving multiple vaccines at a time.

One example happened when 5-month-old Matthew Gage Downing-Powers went to the doctor in October 2013. He needed to “catch up” on his vaccinations. In only one visit he received 8: DTaP (3 in 1), Hib, Polio, Pneumococcal PCV, Hep B and the oral Rotavirus vaccine. He passed less than two days after the visit.

Matthew’s case is no longer rare, with similar tragedies happening in many families.

Many children survive, but end up being disabled for life.

For example, Ryan Mojabi’s family received monetary compensation ($969,474.91) from the vaccine court after he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder following receiving scheduled vaccinations.


The pharmaceutical industry refuses even to consider that these cases exist.

Vaccinations may add greatly to autism risk. But research such as from 2011 Current Medicinal Chemistry study warns that vaccines may be not as beneficial as originally thought. In fact they warn:

“The possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community.”

Mainstream media and the manufacturers insist that they are safe. But what happens when a child receives all at once large doses of vaccines, and their toxic additives? Unfortunately, parents are left in the dark. They may be putting their children at risk if recent history is any indication.

If California is serious about protecting the health of its children more than profits of the pharmaceutical industry, they should prove it by addressing these concerns before it’s too late.


Source: AltHealthWorks

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