Instead of Antibiotics This Amazing Chicken Farm Uses Oregano Oil

How Chicken Farm works? Chickens, in order to keep them healthy, most commercial chicken farms feed them with antibiotics. The other purpose is to fight off infections. The drugs are widely available and relatively cheap. But in Pennsylvania one chicken farm does things a little bit differently. They still manage to maintain excellent results. The owner of the chicken farm is Scott Sechler. He is one of the first to use and rely on a blend of cinnamon and oregano oil. The purpose is to take care and treatment of chickens. Oregano oil is organic and completely natural. It provides the chickens with a lot of health benefits. Therefore, it represents a particular technique to produce higher quality of natural chicken.

Chicken Farm

The oregano oil, like antibiotics, helps the chickens fight off diseases and infections. What is the difference? The most important difference is that the oil is 100% natural. It can produce healthier chickens that are not fed with drugs or manufactured and unnatural antibiotics.

Even though the cost of feeding chickens oregano oil is considerably higher, this organic farm continues to sell a lot of chicken to grocery stores and consumers.

When it comes to food shopping in the USA, this success reveals an interesting trend. Generally people are becoming more aware of the health risks related to the mass production. That’s really great news! Nobody wants to buy chickens fed with drugs. We can easily find them on most commercial chicken farms. Therefore, the number of people who choose to give a little more money for chicken is increasing.

The idea of using natural “ingredients” or herbs has been lately spreading a lot into other countries and areas. Other types of farms are starting to use them as well. The president of one Pennsylvania farming company, Bob Ruth, for the past six months has been testing oregano on his pigs. He wants to see if it really has and effect of beating out antibiotics in order to raise healthy chicken.

So Why one chicken farm or more and more farmers looking for alternative natural solutions to antibiotics?

Well, if the farmers work good and on a “clean” manner, animal farms won’t even need antibiotics. The problem comes and arises when animals are living in filthy conditions. They are simply prone to viruses and infections. Also, it can be a result of poor slaughterhouse cleaning. Farmers like Scott Sechler take good care about this. They want to ensure that their slaughterhouses are hosed down. They provide detailed disinfection after each set of chickens are slaughtered.

He uses the oregano oil to keep the chicken healthy. It becomes simply a measure, precaution or something to fill in the gaps. If more companies and farmers value running healthy and humane operations as opposed to trying to make more and more profits, without any doubt antibiotics would have no place on modern chicken farms.

The meat-buying public will hopefully continue to educate and learn more about all those factory farms and resultants that only think about profit. This farmer is really step away from antibiotics and it is definitely a positive step.


Now our role is to inform the masses what they consume and how to change their habits. Greater improvement means being much more humane, healthy and safe.


Source: RealFarmacy

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