No More Annoying Canker Sores with These Simple Remedies!

Canker sores are open blisters ор ulcers  that actually form in our mouth due to fevers, flu or stomach problems. They are very painful  bumps and can frequently appear on tongue, lips, roof of the mouth, gums etc. These infections can cause fevers and a lot of discomfort or unpleasant feelings in general.

By using simple home remedies, you can fight these annoying ulcers.

Aloe Vera or Aloe

People recommend this natural remedy for this type of ulcer. The benefits of this plant are very important because, after the first treatment, the pain of these mouth ulcers will be actually  gone. Preparing this remedy is easy:

Just extract a little bit of the aloe gel, (or people also call it aloe crystal), from the plant’s leaves. Open the leaf, take out few of the crystals and then mix them with warm water. Stir it very good and simply use it as a mouth wash. It is a perfect remedy to stop this discomfort in a very short time.

Homemade Mouth Wash to fight Canker Sores

If you will want to stop this unpleasant feeling as soon as possible, the best remedy is to make a homemade mouth wash. Take a half glass of water; add one tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of salt, and a little bit of oxygenated water. Mix well and gargle it at least 4 times a day.

You will see good results very soon.

Saline Solution

This remedy is only for brave people because the burning process is very strong. If you can handle the burning of salt water while doing mouth rinses, that’s great, but if you want to get rid of the ulcers sooner, you will recover faster by putting a little bit of salt directly on the ulcer.

Ice for Annoying Canker Sores

Ice for Annoying Canker Sores

Remember that we use ice for reducing swelling and numb painful areas. That’s why people also recommend it for this type of problem. What you can do, is to put ice inside a small and clean cloth. Then put it directly on the infected area so that it can lessen the pain little by little.

Ulcers tend to disappear in a couple days. If you notice that lasts more than 10 days, keeps coming back and doesn’t hurt, you should look for professional help immediately. It could be oral cancer.

Proper and regular oral hygiene is very important for preventing this type of lesion. Brushing the teeth 3-4 times a day, mouth washes after a meal and flossing are healthy habits that we should practice. We should also teach our children from when they’re young so that this type of situation is prevented.

Other important thing in preventing these painful and annoying mouth ulcers is to change the toothbrush every month. If you have to use dentures, try to establish a daily routine like the following one:

Leave a glass of water in your bedroom and add 5 drops of clorox into it. When you go to sleep, put the dentures in the glass. You will keep them disinfected like this and of course, you will have less chance to get mouth ulcers.


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