Aluminium Foil Remedy? Read This Amazing Tricks How to Beat Pain

Have you heard about Aluminium Foil Remedy? If you are suffering pains in the back, neck, shoulders, heel, or a pain in the knees that does not let you stand on it, you can simply put foil on the sore spot. At your happiness and surprise, after a while, the pain will disappears.

The bio flows that actually pass through our organism to the biological active point, reflect and go back from where they go out: to the meridian. On the affected organ it has a very soothing effect. That organ is connected to this meridian. In this way tiring pains and problems are easily removed.

Aluminium Foil Remedy


Chinese and Russian healers have been practicing this interesting method of treatment for long time. The works of the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud have described this.

How Aluminium Foil Remedy works and heals?


Take aluminum foil that you use every day and place it on the sore spot. Secure it with a plaster (or other thing). We can use the treatment with aluminum for all types of pain, pain in the arms, back, legs, sciatica, joints, pains it the heel, rheumatoid arthritis, salt deposits. The same treatment gives amazing results in case of postoperative scars on the area of the surgical incision. It has amazing effects in the treatment of gout as well.

The recommendation for practicing the Chinese therapy for treatment with foil is during a period of 10-12 days. Every day, you need to place a piece of foil on the sore spot and hold it all day or all night. Then, make a break of 1-2 weeks. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

The foil possesses great and powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps us to effectively treat a cold. In this case, you should roll up the feet in 5-7 layers of foil, and put cotton cloth or paper between each layer. Keep the coating on for an hour and then remove it. After 2 hours, repeat the procedure. Again make a pause and repeat the procedure for a third time. You should practice this Aluminium Foil Remedy for a week.



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