Some of the spices are even more valuable than the noble metals! They are fruits of the most beautiful plants in the world. We enrich our daily dishes with a variety of spices, which are actually more interesting than you might guess and imagine. Without spices, meals simple don’t have taste!

Vanilla – the queen of spices

vanilla spices

Vanilla has rich aroma, irresistible smell and interesting look. These are just some of the characteristics of this excellent spice that is used on the most popular sweet specialties of the world. Vanilla sticks that have distinctive aromatic mass are actually fruit of the orchid called Vanilla Planifolia and related species. It maybe sounds strange, but one of the most delicate and most beautiful plants in the world that gives these sticks is the only member of the family Orchidaceae that have fruit that we can eat.

Its beautiful flower lasts only one day, and on that same place grows vanilla sticks. People collect them manually and then dry them for four to six months. After the saffron, vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world. That’s why leads to a large concentration of synthetic flavorings. They make  98 percent of products in the market.

Cinnamon – a medicine from nature

cinnamon spices

Cinnamon is one of the most common spices in the preparation of various desserts. But most of the people who use it probably don’t know that this spice is obtained from the internal part of the bark of the tree Cinnamomum verum. That’s why cinnamon sticks have a characteristic shape.

It is one of the oldest spices. It is even mentioned in the Bible and in ancient Egypt was more valuable than the gold. Besides the great taste, cinnamon has numerous health benefits. People used it abundantly in alternative medicine

Saffron – one of spices more valuable than the gold

Saffron spices

We obtain saffron from the flower of the herb Crocus sativus. We can often see this herb in the gardens at the beginning of spring. It represents the most expensive spice in the world. One kilo cost more than the same amount of gold. However, this spice with an interesting appearance and intense color can be deadly! Believe it or not, a dose of only 10 grams (3/4 tablespoon) can kill us.


The high cost of saffron is a result of high production costs. To obtain 450 g of this spice it is actually necessary to collect 75,000 flowers of this herb. That requires 20 hours of continuous work.

Nutmeg – exotic spice, cure and aphrodisiac

Nutmeg spices

This spice with characteristic smell and taste is a seed of the fruit of the tree called Myristica fragrans. It has high value since ancient times and people use it in small doses in savory and sweet dishes. Larger doses can cause hallucinations and paranoia.

By adding this exotic spice in your morning coffee, you will give your coffee different taste and you will wake up quickly!

Pepper – colorful grains full of health

Pepper spices

We use pepper for more than 4,000 years to add flavor to our food. Although we mostly use black pepper in our kitchen, there are other species that are very strong – white, red and green. We obtain green pepper grains from the fruit of the tropical plant of the family called Piperaceae.

Spice your meals and enjoy in their flavors!


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