Read about this amazing spice that you will simply put in your morning yogurt glass! You will easily lose weight.

Scientists explain this effect in a way that this spice contains in fact a lot of phytosferoli. These substances actually have ability to absorb the cholesterol and they also contain substances that boost the metabolism.

Therefore, people who consume one tablespoon of ground cumin on daily basis lose weight even three times faster than those who are on diet. Even if they are on diet, they don’t consume it at all this ingredient.


This is actually conclusion of researchers from Iranian Institute for medical sciences “ Shahid Sadoughi”. They conducted a research where 88 women were included. They suffered from obesity. All of them during the research lowered the daily “input” of 500 calories. Besides consuming cumin on every day basis, they also followed few advises concerning healthy food and consumption.

In fact, half of the respondents eat 3 grams of melted cumin per day mixed in low fat natural yogurt. After 3 months, the group which consumed cumin had lost weight in significant way. In average, they lost 1.5 kg more than women who didn’t consume it at all. They also lost 14% more fat of their body. On other hand, women who didn’t eat cumin, lost around 5 kg and they lowered the level of fat for 4,9 % from their organism.

What is more important, this spice helped them in the process of lowering bad cholesterol for 10 units!

Respecting balanced daily diet in combination with cumin consumption can contribute a lot for your organism, health and even physical appearance. Try to consume it for a short period of time and you will notice the difference. It helps in the process of digestion, improve our immunity system and can regulate insomnia problems.

Add some cumin to your plate and enjoy in its benefits!


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