Which Daily Activities Can Damage Your Back And Cause Pain?

A lot of people nowadays experience lower back pain. Worldwide it is the single leading cause of disability. A lot of activities in our daily routine can put us at risk for back pain, problems and injury. A simple lifestyle may help you alleviate this problem.

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  1. Do Not Lift Heavy Objects

Even for a moment lifting heavy objects can cause back problems if you don’t lift correctly. Bending incorrectly at your back can cause pain and strain muscles.

Next time when you lift heavy objects, squat and then pick up the object. Bending at the waist can cause injury.

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  1. Sitting for long time

If your job requires to sit for long time, it can be very tough to get your exercise in. But prolonged sitting can increase chances of causing back pain and injury.

Try this: Get up from your chair from time to time. Walk around the office, perform simple stretching exercises at your desk and stretch your legs.

  1. Improper and Fast Stretching

Different forms of stretching or doing yoga can lead to pain if you are doing incorrectly. Fast and incorrect stretching puts your muscles at risk for pain and injury.

Try this: The first time you decide to exercise yoga, make sure you let an instructor teach you how to exercise or perform the proper positions.


  1. Poor posture

Whether you’re watching T.V, sitting at your desk, or texting on your phone, make sure you’re implementing good posture. Hunching can easily put pressure on the back of the spine, which can easily cause problems and pain.

Try to keep your spine from bending. Sit up straight in every situation and regularly check your posture. Like that, you will prevent long periods of hunching.

  1. Carrying Around Heavy Bags is Bad for Your Back

Carrying heavy purse, briefcase or backpack can easily cause problems. It puts pressure on arms, shoulders and back. It can also lead to an imbalance in the body.

If you have a lot of things to carry and your bag is heavy, remember to carry it like a backpack, over both of your shoulders. If your bag has only one strap, carry it over your shoulder with proper posture. You will lower the chances of straining your back.

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  1. Sleeping On Soft Mattresses

Everyone likes soft mattress. It sounds so comfy and nice. But mattresses that are too soft cannot provide good support for the back. In fact, in the shape of the spine, it causes tiny shift that can stress the ligaments, muscles and joints.

Try to choose a mattress that’s not too soft and not too firm.

  1. Driving for Long Time On Uneven Roads

Maybe sounds a little bit odd but driving on uneven roads can put pressure on the back. This happens especially if we drive for long time.

If you are traveling long distance it’s very important to take frequent breaks. It will ease the pressure on the back. Before driving, adjust your seat properly.



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