6 Health Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil! Read When To Use It!

Maybe you haven’t heard of marjoram essential oil but you’ve probably heard of oregano. It is its “cousin”. Marjoram is a perennial herb and its origin is in the Mediterranean region. It contains a highly concentrated sources of bio active compounds. These compounds are responsible for many health benefits. We can use marjoram essential oil to treat migraines, digestive problems, depression nerve pain and more.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil

  1. Digestive Health

This essential oil represents a natural stimulant that helps improve digestion. It stimulates the movement of the intestines to help in digestion process and encourage the body to flush out harmful toxins. Drinking a cup of marjoram tea can help alleviate digestive problems such as flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps and constipation.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Marjoram essential oil is natural remedy for balancing hormones. It can provide relief from symptoms related to menopause, PMS and polycycstic ovarian syndrome. One study published in 2016 in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that marjoram tea reduced the levels of adrenal androgen and improved insulin sensitivity and in women suffering from PCOS, to help better balance hormones.

  1. Marjoram essential oil “Manages” the Type 2 Diabetes

Studies have shown that marjoram essential oil has the ability to inhibit protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B. By inhibiting this enzyme, marjoram oil can improve insulin tolerance in the body. The findings suggest that marjoram oil should be a part of a diabetic diet plan. It will help the body manage blood sugar levels properly.


  1. Cardiovascular Health

Marjoram essential oil works as a natural remedy for people who suffer from cardiovascular problem, especially high blood pressure . Marjoram is full with antioxidants. It also has the ability to help naturally relax and widen the blood vessels. It can lower blood pressure levels and ease the flow of blood. Inhaling marjoram oil can help relax the cardiovascular system and decrease blood pressure.

  1. Pain Relief

The calming and anti-inflammatory effects of this oil work to reduce pain connected to muscle spasms, muscle tightness and tension headaches. Inhaling or using the oil as a massage lotion can lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system and provide pain relief.

leg cramp

  1. Prevention of Gastric Ulcer

The American Journal of Chinese Medicine published a study which found that marjoram oil has the ability to decrease basal gastric secretion, incidence of ulcers and acid output. The oil was able to replenish depleted gastric wall mucus. It is a key factor in healing ulcer symptoms.



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