6 Great Uses of Black Pepper Essential Oil You Should Know About!

Everyone uses black pepper as a spice in many dishes. But have you ever tried black pepper essential oil? This essential oil has many health benefits, including anti-anxiety and anticancer properties.

6 Great Uses of Black Pepper Essential Oil You Should Know About

Here are six great benefits of black pepper essential oil:

  1. It Exhibits Anti-cancer Activity

According to one study, black pepper oil contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. The study showed that the derived compounds from black pepper suppress proliferation of human cancer cell. Scientists consider peperine ito be the most effective compound for anti-cancer activity.

Exhibits Anti-cancer Activity

  1. It Relieves Pains and Aches

Black pepper oil has anti-inflammatory and warming properties. We can use it to reduce pain due to tendonitis and muscle injuries. It can also help ease symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine made a research on the essential oils effectiveness for neck pain. Patients put a cream on their body made of marjoram,  black pepper, lavender, and peppermint essential oils to their necks. The group reported less neck pain and improved pain tolerance.

  1. It Aids In Process of Digestion

We can use Black pepper essential oil to help ease digestive discomfort. Studies have shown that it provides gastro-protective and anti-diarrheal properties. It can help fight diarrhea,constipation and gas. Black pepper oil works to stimulate secretion and hydrochloric acid, which is actually necessary for healthy digestion.

Aids In Process of Digestion

  1. It Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Researchers found that supplementing with black pepper lowers LDL cholesterol levels while elevating HDL cholesterol levels. Using black pepper essential oil internally can reduce high triglycerides and improve total cholesterol levels. It’s excellent natural option for those who struggle to control their cholesterol levels.

  1. It Eases Feelings Of Cigarette Cravings and Anxiety

Studies have shown that black pepper oil can suppress several smoking withdrawal symptoms, including cravings. Researchers have also found that black pepper can alleviate symptoms of anxiety from smoking withdrawals. This makes it the perfect essential oil for smokers desperately trying to quit. Black pepper essential oil is also one of the best essential oils to calm anxiety.

It Eases Feelings Of Cigarette Cravings and Anxiety

  1. It Helps Detox Our Body

When we apply it topically, black pepper oil creates a warming sensation. It’s also a natural diuretic, which increases urination. This helps remove excess water and toxins from the body. A study published in Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics found that supplementation with black pepper oil can help normalize blood pressure. It also works to reduce inflammation and improve glucose intolerance and in our body.

How To Use Black Pepper Oil

You can buy black pepper essential oil in many health food stores or online. It can be diffused at home or inhaled directly from the bottle. You can also take it internally in small doses or apply it topically.

If you take it internally, make sure you purchase 100% pure-grade oil made by a reputable company. Applying it topically causes a warming sensation, so use a small dose and dilute it with almond oil or coconut oil.


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