These 6 Food Combinations Are Terrible For Your Health

Maybe you will be surprised to find out that there are food combinations you should avoid. Pairing certain foods together can actually affect negatively your digestion system. It can make you sick.

The following six popular food combinations can ruin your health:

  1. A Coffee and Sandwich

coffee and sanwich

Many people take and eat breakfast to go. This especially happens when we are running late for work. A cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich has become a regular meal choice. The problem is, the simple carbs in bread. They prevent the calcium in the cheese from proper digestion. When it comes to heart health, adding instant coffee to the mix ends up providing zero benefits.

Tip: If you are breakfast sandwich lover, try to combine it with green tea

  1. Cucumbers and Tomatoes

tomatoes and cucumbers

Cucumbers and tomatoes is very popular combination for refreshing healthy salad. But in fact, adding these two ingredients together can disturb our biochemical pathways of the body. The mixture can cause swelling and calcification. Therefore, we won’t digest properly the vitamins that the foods contain.

Tip: Eat them separately instead of together!

  1. Meat and Potatoes

steak and fries

Fries and steak is favorite meal to a lot of us. Unfortunately, we know it’s not the healthiest food combination. The proteins in meat needs acidic digestive fluids. The starch in potatoes needs alkalotic digestive fluids. When we eat them together, the foods can end up causing gas, heartburn and other digestive issues.

Tip: Don’t combine fried potatoes and meat.

  1. Pasta with Minced Meat


The salivary glands produce amylase and ptyalin. These substances help transform starchy carbs like pasta into simple sugars. When we mix simple sugars with meat, they can end up creating a dangerous chemical mixture. It can lead to diabetes.

Tip: Eat pasta as a separate main dish. You can add vegetables and herbs to give it more texture and flavor.

  1. Dairy products and Pineapple


Pineapple is sour fruit that can cause the digestive system to work a little slower. Pineapple also has bromelain. It is an enzymic complex that can cause health issues if we combine it with dairy products.

Tip: If you want to add  fruit to your yogurt, try plums or apricots instead of pineapple. Or, skip the fruit and add honey or oats.

  1. Milk and Banana

banana and milk

Some nutritionists believe that we should consume fruit separately from other foods. Sweet fruits containing a lot of natural sugar can stay inside the body for a longer period of time. This causes the digestive system to slow down. This especially happens when we combine them with milk.


Tip: Instead of with a meal, eat a banana separately as a snack.



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