5 Top Cinnamon Boosting Drinks! – Be Healthy and Enjoy Drinking!

Here are five simple healthy cinnamon drinks that will help you boost your organism. You will help your body get rid of fat faster than ever! And what is most important – you will enjoy in their flavor!

They are very simple to prepare; in only few steps you will have healthy drinks that sometimes can replace your breakfast. Of course, if you are not very hungry early in the morning.

Honey drink

First put half tablespoon of cinnamon in warm water and leave it like that for half an hour. Then cover it and prepare for your day while waiting. At the end add one tablespoon honey and mix it. Drink it twice a day; first time in the morning on empty stomach and the second time at night before you go to sleep.


Kefir with Ginger

Take one glass of low fat yoghurt and add half tablespoon cinnamon. Add pinch of red pepper and little grated ginger. Mix all ingredients and enjoy in it! It’s perfect boosting drink!


Cinnamon and Ginger Tea

Maybe one of the most common boosting drink that you can find. All you need is black tea that you can buy everywhere. Add half tablespoon cinnamon, 30 gr. Grated ginger and vanilla. Perfect way to start the day or to take this drink with your snack during the day.



Milkshakes are favorite drinks to a lot of people. But they are sometimes overloaded with sugar. This one, on contrary, is drink that will speed the “work” of your body.

Delicious milkshake made of 5-6 berries mixed with one tablespoon cinnamon and 200 ml milk.


Coffee with milk and cinnamon

coffee with milk and cinnamon

Mix 100 ml milk with one tablespoon of this spice and one tablespoon cocoa. Then add everything in your morning coffee. You will make your coffee sweeter and it will change the taste but believe that it will surely boost your organism.


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