Here are all reasons why we should consume melon every day! Especially now when it’s season! It has incredible benefits for out body and health!

This fruit is synonym for summer days! When we want to make “refreshment” of our organism, we consume it with pleasure. We simply enjoy in it. Hot summer days are better with this amazing fruit with irresistible taste. But in fact, did you know that melon is vegetable which belongs in the family of cucumbers?!

It is low in calories and high concentration of water (90%).  100 gr melon contains only 30 calories!

There is no doubt that is the best summer refreshment and replacement for sweets.

Why we should eat melon?

melon from the garden

Consuming fruit and vegetable is related to lowering risks caused by bad habits. Researches show that if we actually consume this fruit on regular basis, we contribute in lowering the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases.

Here are several benefits that melon offers:

Age related macular degeneration– the antioxidant named “zeaksanin” protects the eyes.
Asthma – high level of beta carotene and vitamin C lowers the risk of asthma appearance.
Blood pressure– this vegetable contains fiber, potassium, vitamin C. These elements make better heart beating.
Cancer – food rich in beta carotene actually protect our body from cancer on prostate and colon.
Digestion – high concentration of water and fiber helps in constipation prevention. This kind of food also improves the normal functioning of digestive system.
Hydration – Because of the high concentration of water, this delicious red fruit is perfect solution for hydration of our organism. We contribute in skin hydration especially during summer days. When you feel like eating something sweet and refreshing, take few slices melon and enjoy in it!

Skin and nails – High concentration of vitamin A has influence on creation body cells (like skin and hair).

High presence of vitamin C improves the creation and maintenance of collagen. This improves the skin and hair structure.

Who should be careful eating melon?

Persons who have prescription of beta blockers should consume melon with moderation. That is due to potassium presence. Beta blockers can increase the potassium level in the blood. People who have problems with kidney should also pay attention on this. Too much potassium consumption can be harmful for their health.

How to choose delicious and mature melon?

When you go in market, always make sure to choose hard, heavy and symmetric melon, without white spots. Nowadays, you can easily buy almost every fruit in every season of the year. However, the sweet taste and mellowness depends of the season. Before cutting the melon, you need to wash it gently to prevent the risk of salmonella transmission.

What is the best way to enjoy in this fruit?

One of the best ways to enjoy eating it is to cut it on small slices. Then put them in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.
Make season fruit salad in combination with pineapple, mango and then put little coconut flour on the top.

You can put small melon balls in glass of water or lemonade. It will give nice flavor.
Make your own original “Fruit Shish Kebab” with strawberries, melon, banana, pineapple and other fruit of your choice. Pour with melted dark chocolate or natural (Greek) yogurt.

Enjoy in the rest of the summer days with every possible melon combination.


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