10 Benefits & Uses of the Incredible Coriander Essential Oil

An extracted from the seeds of coriander/cilantro with little help of steam distillation gives Coriander essential oil.  It is typically extracted from the seeds while cilantro essential oil is steam extracted from the leaves of the plant. The two oils have very similar benefits. Coriandrum sativum  is the scientific name of coriander.

While cilantro and coriander are renowned worldwide as gourmet food ingredients, there are extensive health benefits belonging to coriander oil.

Coriander essential oil FI

Coriander Essential Oil and Cilantro Oil – Health Benefits

  1. Coriander Oil Improves Libido

This essential cures temporary impotence and oil stimulates the sex drive. Cilantro oil helps men and women regain interest in sex and it can also help end erectile dysfunctions. It stimulates certain hormones that improve the libido.

coriander cilantro essential oil

  1. Weight Loss Fighter!

Cilantro essential oil promotes lipolysis, which means hydrolysis of lipids. Therefore, coriander essential oil stimulates hydrolysis or breaking down of cholesterol and fats. The quicker the lipolysis, the faster you lose weight and get slim.

  1. Coriander Essential Oil Treats Spasms

To fight frequent cramping and coughing fits, coriander oil is an excellent remedy. It can relieve you of muscle cramps, both of the intestines and limbs, as well as chronic coughs. In cases of spasmodic cholera, cilantro essential oil is beneficial. Finally, it also relieves convulsions, nervous cramps, and generally relaxes our mind and body. Coriander has shown a sedative effect in studies.

  1. Cilantro Oil Eliminates Gas Pain

Coriander essential oil actually provides the gases built up in your body a healthy outlet. Those who chronically suffer from gas know how it feels to finally be relieved of the pain.  In fact, many people die of gas as it becomes particularly dangerous when it rises upwards, rather than downwards. Gas can cause severe pain in the intestines, chest, stomach, and even in the muscles. It is a good idea to have a small teaspoon full of cilantro essential oil in order to eliminate excess gas in your system. To help you stay healthy and happy, Coriander oil also inhibits further gas formation.

coriander essential oil uses expel gas

  1. Blood Purifier

Cilantro essential oil cleans the blood of toxins, acting as a blood purifier or detoxifier. Coriander oil also helps to remove regular toxins from the body itself. These toxins, like heavy metals uric acid, and certain compounds and hormones produced by the body itself, are thus eliminated. Foreign toxins which get into the blood accidentally can also be eliminated this way. This effect may help explain why studies suggest coriander could be helpful in fighting cancer.

  1. Pain Reducer

Components like terpinolene or terpineol make coriander oil an analgesic. An analgesic is an agent that reduces pain. Coriander essential oil has been found to be effective natural muscle relaxer. Headaches, toothaches and other pain of the joints and muscles, such as pain from collisions or injuries, can be treated. Cilantro oil reduces pain by desensitizing the affected area.

cilantro coriander essential oil back pain

  1. Cilantro Essential Oil Is A Deodorant

Coriander essential oil is, like coriander, a good deodorant. Cilantro eliminates mouth and body odor and reduces bad breath when we use it either internally or externally. When consumed or ingested, the typical aroma of cilantro essential oil mixes with sweat. This actually fights body odor as well as oral odor coming up from your stomach, filling your mouth. Coriander oil also helps to inhibit bacterial growth in your mouth and around your sweat glands, thereby fighting odor. We can mix it with water, then externally applied or used as a mouthwash to get all of these benefits.

  1. The Oil Fights Depression by Stimulating Hormone Secretion

Coriander oil stimulates and warms up the organ systems and various functions going on inside the body. It stimulates hormone and enzymes secretions, excretion, digestion, brain functions and nervous system activity. In addition, coriander oil also boosts your spirits and fights depression.

  1. Improves Digestion

Cilantro oil ensures good health of the stomach by toning up the stomach and regulating all stomach functions.

Additionally, coriander oil has very good digestive properties. It gives prompt relief of indigestion and flatulence and its aroma also acts as an appetizer.

  1. The Oil Can Inhibit Fungal Infections

Coriander oil inhibits the growth of fungus and helps to cure fungal infections. This property helps cure a number of skin diseases, most of which are caused due to fungal infections. It also helps to cure dysentery, which is often caused by fungal growth. The oil is also antimicrobial. (45)

Bonus Benefits!

Coriander oil regulates endocrinal secretions, improves appetite, cures nausea, and can help eliminate vomiting associating with many conditions.

A final note of caution. While there are no serious health risks, if you take it in excess coriander essential oil can make you lose control over your senses. It is possible to feel as if you are spellbound for a while. Take a moderate amount, and don’t lose the ability to think clearly or make decisions.



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